Inauguration of the Monument to the Immortals of the Nation

On Wednesday 29 November 2023, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of National Defence, Mr. Ioannis Kefalogiannis as representative of the President of the Government Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament Mr. Konstantinos Tasoulas, and the Chief of the General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros, held the inauguration ceremony of the Monument to the Immortals of the Nation at Camp “PAPAGOU”.

The construction of the Monument was implemented on the initiative of the Chief of the General Staff, and is the minimum expression of gratitude to the generations of Heroes, who dedicated their lives on the altar of freedom and the defence of the ideals of our Homeland, giving due value and honour to their sacrifice. The names of the 121,692 historically recorded Fallen on the battlefields will henceforth adorn the prominent tombstones of the Monument, serving as an eternal reminder of the sacred and glorious legacy they bequeathed to future generations through their heroic deeds.

“The 121,692 names of the recorded Fallen on the battlefields will serve as a timeless reminder of the historical heritage and the responsibility for securing every inch of Greek territory intact, declaring that he is particularly proud that this highly symbolic project, which was envisioned, completed and handed down to future generations, was carried out during his days at the head of the Armed Forces.”

The extremely elegant and imposing Monument to the Immortals of the Nation, which is the only one of its kind, on which the total number of those who died for the Fatherland is inscribed, highlights their sacrifice as a beacon of duty and responsibility and at the same time constitutes a constant reminder of the greatness of their deeds, as well as a timeless inspiration for the fulfilment of the mission of the Armed Forces.

Particular features of the Monument are the altar, on which the eternal flame will burn unquenched in memory of the Immortals, symbolizing in this way the timeless respect for the Fallen and the unquenchable passion for offering to the Homeland, as well as the flagpole of the Flag, towards which all the tombstones with the names of the Heroes who have fallen for the Fatherland, who in this way “gaze” in a way at the sacred symbol of Greece for which they offered their lives.