Opening of the Museum of Modern Greek Culture

The MNEP is developed in the block, enclosed by Areos, Adrianou, Vrysakiou and Klados streets, and consists of 18 buildings and their surroundings. The new exhibition is divided into independent thematic sections, each of which is housed in a building. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the MNEP has an educational programme space, temporary exhibitions and events, an open-air theatre, a café and a shop.

“The exhibition of the Museum’s permanent collections, including objects from the mid-18th century to the 1970s, interactive digital applications, multimedia and a variety of visual materials”

The Museum of Modern Greek Culture, one of the oldest museums in the country, was founded in 1918. In the new permanent exhibition, the focus shifts to the human being. Modern Greek culture is presented in a comprehensive way, through an interpretive approach to material and immaterial cultural heritage. The objects of folk art become the occasion and the means to highlight the way of life, the perceptions and aesthetic standards, the know-how and the art of people of the recent past, the things that determined the identity of the present and, to a certain extent, predetermine the future.