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Project Management

The company Niron Sophisticated Engineering operates in the fields of integrated supply Construction Management Services, Project & Construction Management, in any kind, size and degree of task difficulty.

Basic principle of our company is the attention to detail and flexibility to customer needs. Our effectiveness is based on high expertise, wide experience of our workforce and strict organization.

Provide high quality services of experienced engineers with clear goals, not only in technical and aesthetic level but also at the economic and time, using the ISO9001 quality standards, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 according to which we are certified (services, environmental management, safety and working hygiene).

The approach to the management indicatively analyzed in the following phases:

A. Study phase and project planning

  • Support with technical and economic data in drafting feasibility study and project feasibility study if required,
  • Pretest and training project budget,
  • Scheduling,
  • Production services, control and design optimization ,
  • Provide specialized scientific advice in all relevant sectors (architectural, structural, electromechanical)
  • Production NPCSC and implementation of construction projects,
  • Compilation project tender documents,
  • Market research for individual contractors and subcontractors work,
  • Evaluation and normalization of tenders,
  • Training and monitoring binding outsourcing contracts between employers and contractors with detailed specifications,
  • Schedule, budget Assigned or “flat” work guarantees for the tasks concerned and penalties,
  • Management and distribution of information to appropriate recipients,
  • Maintain active file study, change and correspondence.

B. Project implementation phase

    • Monitoring progress and ensure compliance with contractual obligations,
  • Monitoring scheduling and inventory changes, delays and application of penalties where appropriate,
  • Keeping project diary,
  • Recording changes in studies and standards and investigate the impact on cost and time,
  • Syntax periodic certifications progress with control of the physical object,
  • Quality control and compliance standards with tests and measurements where necessary,
  • Send proper email for documenting all of the above case of disputes.

C. Phase project completion and acceptance

  • Measurements commencing work,
  • Syntax final certifications
  • Drafting interim and final delivery protocols – project delivery,
  • Project report compilation,
  • Production plans As Build,
  • Conducting specialized inspections, measurements and ensure receiving certifications where required
  • Manual compilation of use and maintenance of buildings and electromechanical installations,
  • Ensure written guarantees from stakeholders contractors with clear conditions.

Our success in managing technical projects lies in close cooperation with all parties involved, to ensure full understanding of the technical, financial and temporal conditions of each project, mediation to solve crisis, forecasting uncertainties and potential risks, management when these always result in close cooperation with the developer.